Specialty Treatments


Quantum Healing Treatment

Balance your body systems with a BodyTalk Session and the vibrations of Sound Healing on specific Acupuncture points. Afterwards delight your senses with a relaxing Aromatherapy Massage.           

$150 (office)   $250 (in-home)

Skinny Massage

Swedish Massage combined with a tummy slimming spot wrap

$95 (office)     $210 (in-home)

Deep Cleanse Treatment

A Micro-Buff Scrub followed by a Deep Tissue Massage

$125 (office)     $225 (in-home)

M'Lis Body Contour Wrap

A full body wrap that encourages circulatory and lymphatic flow. Internally detoxifies and cleanses the tissues while the external benefits include overall contouring, cellulite reduction and inch loss.

70 min   $100 (office)  $200 (in-home)

Target your specific area with a SPOT WRAP 

45 min   $50 (office)    $50 add on (in-home)

Papaya Body Scrub

Gently exfoliates and improves skin tonicity followed by a hydrating massage.

60 min   $80 (office)   $185 (in-home)

Ear Candling

A relaxing ancient remedy used to relieve headaches, sinus discomfort and

cleanse the ear canals.

4 to 6 candles   $50 (office)  $50 add on (in-home)